UMC Helical Pivot Center Drive 1.5 H.P. 68 RPM Gear Ratio 25:1

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The UMC® Power Saver™ center drive is available with a 3 phase, 460/380-volt AC, 60/50 Hz electric motor. We offer multi-ratio, speed-reducing gearboxes that use 95 percent-efficient helical spur gears for power transmission to the final drive gearbox.

Features and Benefits

  • Spray guard for added moisture protection when sprinkler nozzles are located below the gearmotor. A feature found only on UMC® Power Saver™ Center Drive.

  • Available in 3 phase, single phase and inverter duty applications.

  • Aluminum finned stator housing for cooler running temperature.

  • Helical spur gear design available in multiple ratios. UMC® was the first to offer a helical gear design in the industry.

  • All aluminum gear case for cooler running, longer life, and increased corrosion resistance.

  • Multi-bolt mounting pattern fits (3 3/8″ x 6 3/8″), (4 3/4” x 7 1/4”) and (5″ x 6″) bolt patterns.

  • All gears are heat treated.

  • Voltage: 460V 60 Hz, 380V 50 Hz and 208-230V 60Hz, 220-240V 50Hz.

  • High strength steel shafting for long life and dependability.

  • Thermally protected with automatic reset located in easily accessible junction box.

  • Specially designed input and output seals.

  • Top fill plug positioned to set correct oil level.

  • All critical electrical connections use P.D. caps to encapsulate and to protect from moisture.

  • Class H wire and Class F insulation.

  • TFE tubing on all magnetic wire to motor lead connections.

  • Makes possible the use of smaller generators and smaller incoming wire sizes.

  • C.S.A., CCC, CE, and UL certified.

  • Efficiency: 95%.

  • Stainless junction box cover.

  • Dual shaft seals.


This part is not manufactured by Valley, Lindsay/Zimmatic, Pierce, Reinke, Olson, Lockwood or Emerson and is not certified by Valley, Lindsay/Zimmatic, Pierce, Reinke, Olson, Lockwood or Emerson.

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