ULTRA PP Mister Mist’r® Check Valve and Bleeder Assemblies

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Mister Mist'r®

Agri-Inject® developed the most advanced injection check valve available on the market today. Efficient, consistent fluid injection is essential – Mister Mist’r® (U.S. Patent No. 6,230,982) valves deliver where it counts.

Mister Mist’r® also serves as a positive two-way check valve to prevent back-flow of water into the system. This also prevents accidental leakage of chemical into the mainline water stream during shutdown. Mister Mist’r® has been approved as a chemigation check valve by all state and federal regulatory agencies, so you are assured that your Agri-Inject system is in compliance no matter where you are!

In addition, moving parts are continually cleaned by moving water, ensuring a long life.

Agri-Inject plastic models are suitable for use in 6-12 inch diameter pipe and can handle volumes of up to 110 gallons per hour.

Stainless steel models are designed for high-volume applications of up to 300 gallons per hour. They are also available for use in a wide range of pipe diameters.


Bleeder Valves

Agri-Inject bleeder valves are versatile and simple. They’re the perfect compliment to the Mister Mist’r® injection check valve! Put the two together to create an unbeatable assembly for controlling and adjusting your chemigation system.

Bleeder valves are also of value all alone for small-scale irrigation in nurseries or greenhouses.

They also:

  • Provide for easy operation to release air or fine amounts of liquid through the port.
  • Can be used to bleed air from flow lines and to aid in priming pumps.
  • Perform as a needle valve, allowing a very fine adjustment of flow.
  • Attach the provided tube to direct product away from you and into a container.