MacRoy G110 Series Fertigation System

$3,474.00 - $4,147.00
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The MacRoy Series G line of metering pumps from Agri-Inject® are designed specifically to provide operating efficiency and economy for large-scale fluid injection projects. MacRoy Series G Pumps are ideal for precisely applying fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, soil amendments, acid products, wetting agents and more. The high quality pumps are engineered and constructed to handle high viscosity fluids and non-soluble materials in slurry form with ease.



  • MacRoy G Series 110 gph, 480VAC 3ph, Switch, Strainer, Mister
  • MacRoy G Series 110 gph, 12 VDC, Switch*, Strainer, Mister
  • MacRoy G Series 110 gph, 110VAC 1ph, Switch, Strainer, Mister